Back Yard Living

Increase your enjoyment in your own back yard.
Screen rooms
Enjoy the outdoors without the bugs.

Shade, Open pergolas or solid shade covers.

Here in south Texas, protection from the scorching sun can allow more time for you in your back yard. It can keeping you and your children safe from the sun's intense rays.

Concrete patios or wooden decks

They can create a surface that's enjoyable to entertain or and easy to keep clean.


What is it?

There is a new concept taking hold throughout our country. It is called cocooning.
What is it? It is the making of one's home into an oasis away from the pressures, stresses and distraction of life that keep you from the enjoyment of living. The concept focuses on being able to go to your own home by yourself, with your family or with your friends for comfort and be refreshed rather than having to pack up and leave the area. By making your home your oasis you can be refreshed and encouraged every day rather than once a month or even once a year. We at Home Enhancements have over 20 years of experience helping homeowners develop homes with amities that are convenient, warm, inviting, comfortable, attractive and most of all low maintenance. We look forward to sharing our ideas, experience and products that will help you make your home into a refreshing place to be that is conducive to the lifestyle you want to experience.

Our goal is to assist you in developing enhancements to your home that will help you create an oasis that will serve you for many years. Please contact us for a free evaluation and estimate.